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By now, gentle reader, you probably think I’m like that kid in The Sixth Sense. Only instead of ghosts, I see triangles.

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Last time I demonstrated how the same (or similar) three win-conditions of marketing (Integrity, Relevance, Difference) show up across other advertising frameworks and brand valuation models. This time, we’re going further. From advertising to brand strategy and beyond. …

My favourite thing about the OODA loop, is that it's the ultimate proof there's ALWAYS time to be strategic. I mean, if fighter jet pilots can do it while dog-fighting, what's your excuse?

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The Paradigm

At the heart of our creative strategy model are the ‘marketing win conditions’ of Integrity, Relevance and Difference. I often refer to that part of the model as ‘The Paradigm’.

I use ‘paradigm’ because I believe it reflects one of the most prevalent and fundamental concepts in business and marketing. I admit that is an outlandish claim. Probably second only to attempting to create a unified model of creative strategy. But I stand by it.

A quick reminder: the paradigm defines how brands win in markets. Typically, they…

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So, to recap — last time I had the cheek to suggest a unified model of creative strategy. This time, I’m going to get a little bit nerdy to unpack that model and the thinking behind it.

That model (name pending I guess, any ideas?) didn’t come out of thin air. I have complained in the past about our industry’s tendency to present models as orphans. So on some level part 2 is me being the change I want to see in the world…

I could have tagged…

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Marketing and advertising are suffering an effectiveness crisis. Experts and practitioners both agree that creativity plays an important part of the solution.

But to make it work, we need to bridge a rarely addressed gap.

People often think creative strategy is ‘fluffy’ or irrational. Especially compared to business strategy, marketing strategy or other X strategies. The worst examples certainly are. Still, the best practices of creative strategy are deeply rooted in marketing and align perfectly with classic business strategy. …

(This is the written version of a talk developed during 2020 between IsolaTed Talks, CIPR annual conference and the BMC podcast)

Last year, as I watched family, friends, clients, students, and myself adjust to the pandemic, I found myself thinking a lot about how people and organisations react to a crisis. The way they react shares a lot in common. Sometimes, our reactions shape us just as much as the crisis does.

Humans react to danger in instinctive and distinctive ways: fight, flight, freeze and fawn. Typically we show a predisposition to some over others. Evolutionary speaking, those mechanisms have…

Can we talk about the paradox of choice?
You know, just before we happily let behavioural economics take over marketing strategy completely?

It’s not that simple.

As behavioural economics become more important in marketing, Barry Schwartz’s 2004 best-seller and some writing that followed him are almost a dogma for some people:
Choice creates fatigue and anxiety → reduce choice to increase sales.

BUT, it’s just not that simple.
1. Choice overload isn’t a consistent effect
2. Choice reduction alone does not ensure an increase in sales

A 2015 meta-analysis of 99 studies isolated the circumstances in which reducing choices to…

Curated articles; observed patterns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Week 13 of UK lockdown (and shops are reopening)
World: 7,823,289 confirmed cases; 431,541 confirmed deaths (WHO, Monday 15/6)

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Stepping away from The Reader

Apologies for skipping last week. Other obligations had to take priority.

My personal became more political than expected, and that required a lot of time and energy.

After I had to skip a week, I realised it’s time to shift my focus to more urgent, if more personal, matters.

As you’ll find in the newsletter this…

Photo by: David Ramos on Unsplash

Curated articles; observed patterns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Week 11 of UK lockdown
World: 6,057,853 confirmed cases, 371,166 confirmed deaths

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Don’t let them grind us down

This week, under very different sets of circumstances in the UK and the US, there is a common pattern.

The strongmen have headed down into their bunkers, metaphorical or literal. With their low patience for detail and fierce resistance towards anyone who questions their narcissistic fantasy, they don’t play well with any experts. That creates a significant drag on any pragmatic progress towards…

Photo by @raudaschl on Unsplash

Curated articles; observed patterns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Week 10 of UK lockdown
World: confirmed cases 5,304,772, confirmed deaths 342,029

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A society stewing in post-truth politics

Lies and misconduct that used to topple governments seem to have little impact nowadays.

Some progressive critics claimed during the early days of the pandemic it will bring a newfound appreciation of experts, but neither UK nor US politics suggest it.

At this point, it seems post-truth has no antidote, let alone a vaccine. Institutional and evolutionary factors are overpowering anything else. …

Uri Baruchin

Strategist. Director of a boutique agency. Teaches the D&AD’s strategy masterclass and the SCA’s course in strategy. Writing between marketing and culture.

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