My favourite thing about the OODA loop, is that it's the ultimate proof there's ALWAYS time to be strategic. I mean, if fighter jet pilots can do it while dog-fighting, what's your excuse?

Can we talk about the paradox of choice?
You know, just before we happily let behavioural economics take over marketing strategy completely?

It’s not that simple.

As behavioural economics become more important in marketing, Barry Schwartz’s 2004 best-seller and some writing that followed him are almost a dogma for some…

Curated articles; observed patterns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Week 13 of UK lockdown (and shops are reopening)
World: 7,823,289 confirmed cases; 431,541 confirmed deaths (WHO, Monday 15/6)

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Stepping away from The Reader

Apologies for skipping last week. Other…

Uri Baruchin

Strategist. Director of a boutique agency. Teaches the D&AD’s strategy masterclass and the SCA’s course in strategy. Writing between marketing and culture.

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