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Week 8 of UK lockdown
World: 4,013,728 confirmed cases; 278,993 deaths (WHO)

My weekly take — Alice in VUCAland

Death toll

This tends to be the first element we consider every week, and it makes sense — it’s a pandemic. The death toll is central to the story. As the fight for the narrative intensifies, so do attempts to muddy the water. Especially as death toll impacts political campaigns. In some countries, the wrong narrative may get you to ‘trip’ out a window. Who knows what stories will be revealed in the years to come.

Not a god damn flu

More facts are adding up. Not a flu. The virus has many faces.

Brace for the financial crisis

We’ve been tracking it since the first issue. In the US unemployment rates are now clearly the worst since WW2, but as reporters chase the full figures, it seems the reality might be worse.

What will happen to the system?

Just like it’s still impossible to chart the full financial ripple effect. How deep this rabbit hole is or how fast we’re falling. It’s hard to gauge the impact on the political system. I was a sceptic in the early weeks and remain so. But there is going to be more debate.

How NOT to new normal

Here’s a visual overview of how lockdown and reopening work across the world.

How to new normal

I’m not against reopening. Only that binary rhetoric of open/close is too dangerous. A good starting point would be to understand the risks and the ripple effects of reopening. Help people understand it rather than vaguely open.

Silver linings

Unsplash collected some of the responses to the UN’s creative brief. A lot of free for public use posters and illustrations.

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